Christina Hale

Christina Hale was born in San Francisco, California and raised in
Southern California. From an early age artists such as Sam Francis and Marta Stang surrounded her. Inspired by their work she began to focus seriously on her painting after graduating from high school.

After some time studying at U.C. Berkeley, she spent a year studying film and painting at San Francisco Art Institute before returning to Berkeley to receive her BFA in painting and drawing. While living in Berkeley she worked at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and also began to study jazz and music theory at Lanley College in Oakland.

Upon finishing her degree, Christina moved to New York City where she worked teaching art to elementary and junior high school students. It was in New York that she first began to delve into cartoon art and animation.

These together with her musical studies and interest in street art are all present in her oeuvre, which is at once abstract and humanistic.