Ellwood T. Risk

Born 02/18/64

In December of 2002, Rolling Stone Magazine ran a full page add featuring a blood stained pair of glasses set against the back drop of a hazy New York City skyline. At the top of the page read this statistic.....'Over 676,000 people have been killed by guns in the U.S.A. since John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.'

The use of handguns to create art is a concept I've been exploring since January of 2002. With all due respect, I must tip my hat to the likes of Sigmar Polke, Hunter S. Thompson, and William S. Burroughs; though the actual inspiration for this body of work must be attributed to my Father and his invitation to join him for a day at the firing range during the Christmas of 2001.

Having worked with guns and targets to the point of some familiarity I still find myself reacting to this strange set of tools with a healthy combination of anxiety and excitement. The concept of using what I view to be tools of destruction, to create works of art, continues to be the driving force behind my desire to explore this particular body of work.

Needless to say, the opportunities for metaphor are plentiful. As for the specific meaning of any piece, I ask the viewer to process the information therein for themselves and relate to it as they like, unencumbered by my own intentions.

Mediums and materials currently in use:
Pistol Targets
H K .40 caliber semi automatic pistol
Glock 17 9mm semi automatic pistol

Investors Group Limited
Fox Entertainment
Gang, Tyre, Ramer and Brown
Machine Head
Leadwell Corporation
Crown Pictures International
Contractors Labor Pool
Perelman Films Inc.
American Airlines Brentwood, California
Century City, California
Beverly Hills, California
Venice, California
Rancho Mirage, California
Los Angeles, California
Reno, Nevada
Los Angeles, California
Houston, Texas

Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Sales and Rental Gallery
Robert Berman Gallery / Santa Monica, CA.
Johnny B. Wood
Art Tribe
Silver Birches Design
Darcy Carroll Interiors
Mirak / Pacfic Design Center

Pepsi Cola
American Airlines
Fox Entertainment
The X Files
Six Feet Under Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Bernie Mack Show
Three Ring Circus
Show Time Originals
The Jimmy Kimmel Show

David E. Benveniste
Alon Damari
Sharon Renee Henry
Taylor Belshem
Dr. Michael Steinberg
Oscar De La Hoya
Michael Stone
Dave Davies
Julie Tafoya

John Pasquinelli
Valerie Melmed
Tom Taplin
Sima Navidi
Peter Somers
Murna Schwam
Marylyn Tensor
Yoko Tateishi
Suzanne Krujewski


2006 Solo Exhibitions
Berman/Turner Projects
Quixote Studios
2006 Group Exhibitions
Museum Works Galleries/New York
Art Pic
Create Fixate
Irv Seagle Loft
Venice Art Walk
7 @ The T. Moore Studio
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Art for Justice/Russ, August & Kabat
2005 Solo Exhibitions
Berman/Turner Projects
Quixote Studios
2005 Group Exhibitions
Venice Art Walk
Small Works Hanger Show
Tsunami Relief/Epoxy Box
Katrina Relief/Sunset Studios
Out of California/Arena 1 Gallery
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
2004 Group Exhibitions
Santa Monica Auctions, Robert Berman Gallery
L.A. Art Core Annual Silent Auction
Los Angeles County Museum of Art / SARG
Venice Art Walk
Western Center on Law and Poverty Silent Auction

2003 Group Exhibitions
Venice Art Walk
L.A. Out Auction
Lois Lambert Gallery
Santa Monica Airport
2002 Group Exhibitions
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Lois Lambert Gallery
Sojourn Benefit Auction
2001 Group Exhibitions
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Mad River Post
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1999 Solo Exhibition
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Gallery 825
The Habit
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