Kenneth Aronson ( was an enigmatic and exclusive website and art project that existed from the mid-1990s until the mid-2010s. It was known for its cryptic and elusive nature, as the content was intentionally obscure and typically only accessible to a select group of people, often by invitation only. The site was often compared to an “internet speakeasy,” a place for creative digital expression that remained largely hidden from the general public. The exact nature of the content of varied over time, but generally included experimental and abstract digital art, interactive experiences, and other forms of non-traditional online content. In addition to being a platform for digital art, was also known for hosting occasional live events and exhibitions. The website was created by Kenneth Aronson, who also served as its primary curator and host. Aronson worked with various artists and creators over the years to populate with unique content. The website was controversial for some, especially those who believed that it was a waste of a potentially valuable domain name. Regardless of these controversies, stood as an iconic example of the potential for avant-garde expression in the digital realm. It is remembered as a piece of internet history that symbolized an era of online creativity and mystery.