Mark C. Estes

"My matrix work brings motion and change to a canvas made from LED pixels. Designed with intentional chaos, each visual element is intended to persist for 2 to 3 minutes and then be replaced with another from a curated list. Each is born with unique traits which drive the resulting image. There is intentional randomness to these traits so that while the element may echo familiarity, there is change and nuance in terms of speed, color, persistence, scale, aspect, and other visual characteristics; resulting in a viewing experience ever evolving, wistfully raw, and engaging.


I built my first Matrix from strips of LEDs back in 2017. It took hours of soldering to complete. I believe it was 18 x 18 pixels which is a total of 324 pixels. The matrix was controlled by a “brain” which is really small microcontroller called an “Arduino”. As arduinos have advanced, I have been able to drive larger and more complicated pieces. My current designs feature as many as 24,576 individual pixels (73,728 LEDs as each pixel is 3 LED: red, blue, and green). This is the limit of the current arduino brain that I use (teensy 4.0/4.1). The physical matrix is the canvas and plays a role in the final result."

- Mark C. Estes


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