Book Signing & Talk with Mr. Fish & Robert Scheer

With Work in Progress Documentary Screening

October 3, 2015

Book Signing + Discussion + Documentary Screening
Saturday October 3 at 4pm


Join USC Annenberg Press, Robert Berman Gallery & the Center for the Study of Political Graphics
in a discussion with Mr. Fish with Robert Scheer on his new book WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT

Sponsored by the Foundation for the Future of Journalism

To order your own copy of Mr. Fish's new book, please click here

Stay after for a work in progress screening of:
"Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End"
A documentary on the artist, Mr. Fish
the Filmmakers will be present for feedback & Q&A

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT lives up to its title. Unabashedly liberal, award-winning cartoonist and writer Dwayne Booth (AKA Mr. Fish), examines this pictorial language, deciphers its substructiure and translates its unique alphabet into a wholly accessible vocabulary. Through extensive interviews, numerous more than 400 provacative images, Mr. Fish demonstrates unequivocally how uncensored commentarial art and weaponized jokes from cartoonists, satirists and fine artist throughout history provide humanity with its most revealing self-portraits. 
This is work that provokes thought and commentary, and is not intended for the faint of heart!
-Larry Gross



This book is impossible to describe … or to forget. Every page includes images that are designed to cut to the quick, images that have been some of the most controversial ever produced, images that force us to think about what they have to say, yes, but also about their power (and a right) to say it. There is something here that is sure to disturb you, but what that is, where we draw the line, is going to differ from reader to reader, and that’s the core of the book’s argument.
Mr. Fish is a cartoonist who doesn’t know his place, quickly abandoning a focus on editorial and political cartoons, and taking us through the full range of artistic expression, as he seeks to encourage us to think more deeply about how art can serve as a provocation or challenge to conventional ways of thinking, about how art can disrupt (or reinforce) the power of the status quo. So, here you will find ideas about propaganda, stereotypes, and a range of phobias, but also ideas about transgression and liberation.

-Henry Jenkins, USC Provost Professor

Don’t say you weren’t told. WARNING! Graphic Content: Political Cartoons, Comix and the Uncensored Artistic Mind has well over 350 controversial illustrations by artists from around the world and throughout history. They deal with extremes of political, cultural, sexual, racial, and, yes, religious issues. It’s also an ebook, enhanced with plenty of video and audio clips. Most challenging – and most rewarding – is the lengthy and lively text, which is as insightful and inspirational as it is inflammatory.

The rabble-rousing author goes by the name of Mr. Fish. And as an angry young writer-cartoonist himself, Fish is also foul. In fact, he just might be America’s gutsiest, most uncompromising graphic commentator, one with a keen sense of design.

WARNING! Graphic Content is a profound analysis and loving appreciation of unrestricted visual communication: its past, present, and future. It’s also a lively, entertaining, and ultimately indispensable read.

-Michael Dooley, Print Magazine