equal on all sides, 2009
8 foot fluorescent tubes, metal and wire
8 ft. x 8ft. x 1 in.

Jason Peters


Reception: Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 5 - 8 pm


Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 5 - 8 pm
Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave. / B7 Gallery
Santa Monica, CA 90404

ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY is pleased to present a one-of-a-kind installation by internationally renowned artist Jason Peters. On Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, from 5-8pm, join us for the unveiling of a unique work of sculpture and light in the Chapel Room, hosted by Elk. This event will inaugurate the Chapel Room in the new B7 Gallery as a project room for the display of future works of innovation and imagination.

Elizabeth Grady has aptly described Peters’ work in the catalogue “Anti.Gravity.Material.Light”, published by the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in 2010.
She states:

“The minimal elegance of Peters’ work is at once seductive and deceptive. Drawn into his world by dramatic effects, graceful shapes, and exuberant colors, we are left in a funhouse wonderland of visual mysteries. Momentarily lulled into a sense of comfort by the familiar materials he uses to make his work – found objects, like plastic buckets and cheap chairs, fluorescent and rope lights – the initial emotional response slowly gives way to a realization that there is much more at stake than mere effect. Peters offers us the opportunity to question the very basis of our existence and the laws that govern the functioning of our world, while celebrating its wonder and beauty.”

Jason Peters is a contemporary artist known for his ability to create transformative environments using found objects, light and space. Born in Mobile, Alabama in 1977, he was raised in Munich, Germany, and has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York for over a decade. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. Peters’ large-scale installations have been exhibited in solo and group shows worldwide. Most notably, his work has appeared in major exhibitions at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the Mattress Factory, Pittsburg, PA, and the Center for Contemporary Arts, Sante Fe, NM, to name just a few venues. In 2007, Peters worked in Los Angeles for the first time, creating an awe-inspiring work of incredible grace and beauty using simple materials (darkness, buckets and light) in Robert Berman’s C2 Gallery. We are pleased to have the artist return to L.A. to construct a new work of art in his most unique and marvelous way.

For more information visit: www.jasonpeters.com