The Empire Has No Clothes, 2013
Pencil on bristol board

Andy, 2013
Pencil on clayboard

No Peace, 1985
Acrylic on found traffic sign
30 x 30 inches

Un-Occupied, 2013
Pigment ink and acrylic on paper
18.5 x 12.5 inches

Wake Up, 2013
Graphite on paper
8 x 10.25 inches

Bob, 2013
Graphite on clayboard
36 x 24 inches

Democracy vs. Democracy, 2013
Ink and wash on paper
12.5 x 16 inches



July 27 – August 24, 2013

Political cartoonist, artist and author Mr. Fish (aka Dwayne Booth) presents his third solo exhibition at ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY. This new series of works, titled MIND OVER BODY, represents the incongruities between abstract concepts and the literalness of things. 

With his roots in editorial  cartooning and an unabashed disdain for political buffoonery, Mr. Fish creates incredibly detailed drawings juxtaposing the cloying mythology of conventional idealism with the brutal truths expressed by a social reality that demonstrates the opposite.  Utilizing this as his foundation, Mr. Fish creates his new series where the heads of known cultural icons such as Andy Warhol, Mahatma Gandhi and Marilyn Monroe are placed onto the nude bodies of their opposite gender where sexual and intellectual interpretations clash and compete for equal attention. A known reality or realistic visage is thus melded with an aesthetic form to create confusion, intrigue and perplexing delight. These nudes as well his published social and political illustrations will be on display July 27-August 24, 2013 at ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY B7.

Mr. Fish has been a freelance writer and cartoonist for eighteen years, publishing under both his real name (Dwayne Booth) and the penname of Mr. Fish with many of the nation's most reputable and prestigious magazines, journals, and newspapers. In addition to his weekly cartoon for Harper's and daily contributions to Truthdig, he has also contributed to the Los Angeles Times, the Village Voice, the LA Weekly, the Atlantic, the Huffington Post, The Nation, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, the Advocate, Z Magazine, the Utne Reader,,, and others. He has also worked for National Public Radio. In May 2008 he was presented with a first place award by the Los Angeles Press Club for editorial cartooning. In May 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award for Editorial Cartooning from the Society of Professional Journalists and most recently won the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Award in May of 2011. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and twin daughters.