Cuba Libre! Bronx Museum
Cuba Libre!: Works from the Shelley and Donald Rubin Private Collection
March 19 to June 21, 2015



The recent announcement of a new re-engagement policy between the United States and Cuba has increased the level of expectation as to what the future of the island will be. While this new political openness will undoubtedly attract new markets and an influx of foreign investment, truly creative solutions for the local communities and their diverse culture will have to come from within.  By featuring a selection of works from the Shelley and Donald Rubin Private Collection, the exhibition Cuba Libre! suggests that contemporary Cuban artists have already been engaged in this discussion, providing thoughtful materials for their audiences to ponder on their diversity and rich historical legacy.

Selected works include, among others, collaborations between Ricardo G. Elias and José Angel Toirac (from the series Peregrinaje); assemblages by Eduardo Ponjuan; lithographs by Humberto Castro; as well as works by Tonel, Adonis Flores, Tommas Esson, Carlos Garaicoa, Sandra Ramos, and others. The curatorial team will be shared among the Bronx Museum and the staff of the Rubin Private Collection.


Support for Cuba Libre! was provided by Shelley and Donald Rubin.